The association's aims include exploring fields of Basque Country's economy and society that are critical areas for its development as a country and carrying out its study from a national viewpoint. We believe it is necessary for provinces and sectors within Basque Country to work together to come up with ways of thinking and economical and social practices from a national viewpoint.

Our aim is to create knowledge and stances that help the country to develop and provide resources and tools - in terms of ways of thinking and knowledge - for anyone, from the economic and social fields, working in favour of national development in the 21st century.


Find out about Basque Country:

This is the sum of objective and subjective elements. It reflects both what is actually happening within Basque Country and factors influencing it from the outside. In order to understand and get a clear idea about what is happening to us, it is essential to obtain the clearest possible snapshot to use as the basis for our analysis.


We are a colonised people. Thinking and discourse around our society and economy's problems and solutions do not take into account Basque Country, its problems and its opportunities. The most effective way of guaranteeing our economic and social development is for all Basque territories to work together and complement each other on the road into the future. We wish to update and promote the way of thinking that will help us to follow this path.

Boosting collaboration networks

We will not be a people if we cannot live together. Basque Country's economic and social agents currently have the same problems or identical opportunities to complement each other. The only solution to tackle our problems and create dynamics that will help us is to promote and create collaboration networks. We need to find out about our opportunities to tackle fragmentation and change attitudes.