About Atlas

You can consult topics such as demographic, economics, society and environment in Atlas. A wide range of data to find out about what life is really like from different points of view. Here are a few examples: population, density, industrial entrepreneurialism, gross domestic product, registered female unemployment rate, number of homes, artificial surface area... Easier to use and more spectacular than ever, come and find out about Basque Country.



What is Atlas?:

This is a tool that captures a vast amount of data in a single image. Atlas is a new way of interpreting and visualising data and figures. A work tool that can represent data from Basque Country's towns, districts and provinces as a picture. Basque Country on the world map.

For whom:

For anyone who wishes to find out in greater depth about the socio-economic situation in Basque Country. The tool is particularly appropriate for teachers and students, for the education sector and above all, for anyone using data and figures in their daily work.


You have the following options: consulting data, downloading it and giving it its own, specific use, consulting maps, reading graphs, interpreting time lines, studying the situation in Basque Country regarding the European Union... Turn the Atlas into your own tool.